Animal Jam Slang 101

Ahem :Adjusts papers:

So, Lizards. I know most of you are like, pretty good at AJ, but this is for those who aren’t.


:Record scratch: Wait! Why do they call it “_ 101” Why 101? Why not 100 or 102?

And why 101 Dalmatians?

But I digress.

So, Animal Jam is complicated, so this is almost like a dictionary. If I missed anything, let me know so I can add it 🙂

(I am excluding text speech, which is something commonly used in Animal Jam)

HD- It stands for headress, a clothing item, which was sold for Thanksgiving a few years ago, but it was removed because people thought it was racist. I don’t really think that’s the case, but this is about facts not opinions. Anyway, here’s a picture of the headdress in most colors: headdress

Spike: A spike is a spiked collar,red_rare_spike_collar_by_colololo-d8utd84.jpg which comes in an abundance of colors. There are a few types including (and limited to), rare, which literally is just a spiked collar with a rare tag. The different colors have different levels of rarity. This type can either be long (which is like the one pictured above, it has longer points, with shorter spikes in between. It is the rarest type of spike), or short (which has shorter points, and is slightly less rare). There are diamond shop spikes, which are spikes with a diamond tag. These are much less rare than the rare spikes. Oh, and there are a few types of these too. The original, which is the first spike that was sold in the diamond. This type is only long, and has a few colors. There a few other types of diamond shop spikes, but those are, quite frankly, pretty ugly (except a select few), and less rare than the original ones. Oh, I forgot to mention spiked wrists. They’re basically exactly like spikes, except in wristband form.

Bow- A bow and arrow. This item is given out during the Jamaalidays as a gift, and comes in a few different colors. The nonrare ones aren’t super rare, but the rare variation of this item is somewhat. There is also a neon bow, which is just a bow… but it’s neon.

Beta- An item released during the beta testing stage, in 2010. Some people say any item that isn’t in stores is beta, which is incorrect, also, if it has the world “beta” in the name, it isn’t beta. lol

JAG- Short for Jam-A-Gram.

Scale or Scan- Means scam, although AJHQ unbanned the use of the word scam for people with free chat.

AJHQ- Animal Jam headquarters, which is basically anyone who works on the game.

Non-Member/NM- Someone who doesn’t have membership.

Member- Some who has membership.

Rare- An item with the “Rare” tag on it.


I feel like these are the basic terms, if I missed anything, let me know 🙂




Some non-AJ stuff

Ok, so first off, I’m really trying to get out of the habit of posting once a month. I think it’s working, since I posted just 2 days ago (and 2 days before that)!

I’m gonna try to post once a week, but, as you know, I never keep my promises, so who knows how long this will last.

Anyway, there are few things I want to mention in this quick post.

  1. To my friends, I’m sorry I haven’t been actively following your blogs, I haven’t really officially browsed Worpress since April XD, and it’s because I have been busy, not because I’m not interested. I promise. XD
  2.   Ok number 2 is I might start a YouTube channel. My mom says when I turn 13 in about two months, she will probably let me start one, which will be fun! I have made a couple of videos that I like, but who knows.
  3. I made a life blog yesterday: Lizard’s blog (I know, how original)
    I think that’s it. Cool. Well, see you next week!

AJ made an animal for me

Well, not really, You, judging by this picture right here:lizardjjj.png

It sort of looks like a lizard. Or a snake. But hopefully a lizard.

If this isn’t a lizard, I’m a actually going scream.

Well, other than that, AJ made a new retail giftcard thing, some other promo stuff, also 1,ooo pets, and a word I had to look up the meaning to.eggmatic

Oh, and a bunch of other stuff.

Sorry for short post, but whatever.


Just some stuff

Heyy. LOng time no see. Sorry for not posting in a month, but I went o vacation, then I had to help out with 2nd graders in a thing for church, but now I’m free… I guess.


So anyway, my brother told me some codes, I don’t know if you already know them, but the first one is powerbackpack, which gives you a panda backpack,panda You also get one in Playwild, but I deleted that app a long time ago XD

The other one is HEARTSTONE, which gives you this book.png

Place the book in your den, then click on it, and then this should come up:41715.png

now, click ok, and you be taken to a party, and there is a journey book journey.png

And if you find all of these items, you get an Alpha Hearstone. I haven’t found them yet, but I will eventually XD.

You know what I haven’t done in a while? Go to the Cringe Pillow Room.

I just walked in and… um…


OK, UPDATE: I’ve been in here for five minutes, and just came down with Leukemia.

I had to leave.



I remember when I used to care about rares.


Anyway, I have to be productive now. Peace!



A random post



Hi world. It’s Lizard here again.

I noticed I only have 66 day of membership left. I don’t know if I’m going to get more membership, though.uh


I went to the Summer carnival.

Nothing new there.

I wish they would change the Summer Carnival up every year. Maybe they can add a new game every year or something like that.


Oh gawd.

AJ made a Pride Month frame.


7-10 year olds usually aren’t gay…

I’m just saying.

People are celebrating Pride Month more than Black History Month…


Anyway, I don’t want to get into an argument…

Now for your weekly edition of Animal Jam Items That Will Make You Say “What?”

Egg shoes:


With a hint of unnatural and dangerous colors:


Fidget Spinner Triple Inner Tube:

fidget spinner

But It seriously looks like a fidget spinner…

That has been: Animal Jam Items That Will Make You Say “What?”

I also wanted to celebrate the return of Flowerlily26.


She was my first follower, back in 2014, and one of my best AJ friends. I’m glad she’s back 🙂 Sadly, her YouTube channel was deleted. IDK why, though.

Anyway, that’s all for day, so until next time, peaceeeeeeee outtttttt






Guys I’m so sorry for not posting… but I have had better things to do lol.

You know, school (my mom might lose her job, and I would have to go back to public school, but I wont get into 7th grade if I don’t pass this test, so I need to work on my math a lot), dance (I have show in June I have to practice really hard for), and most of all, fangirling about Imagine Dragons. Seriously, their new song are the bomb. I might get to see them in concert in November.



But I’m back now so none of that is relevant.




Can I just talk about Animal Jam for a moment?

It’s dying. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Animal Jam is changing. It’s not what it used to be, you know?



Ok, let’s talk about something fun.

You know, I haven’t had a chance to look at the underwater diamond shop. I have 7 diamonds. Untitled

That’s it? Eh good enough.

whatever iiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt takkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss

Thats a spike?

Eh it’s good enough…

Ok what else?

Oh let’s check out this new adventure


They’re. All. LOCKED.


You know what? I’ll do whatever it takes, coz I love the adrenaline in my veins.

Ok I guess i have to play The Hidden Falls or whatever it’s called first.

Never mind. It’s too laggy. So now what?

So how about I show you some of my animals;


My arctic wolf thing…






Ok I’m done.


Until next time,




*here some inspirational quotes, because motivation*

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Hey guys, it’s Lizard hereeee

April is here!

Well, it’s been here for 10 days, but still.

So I wanted to do an April giveaway, but then I decided not to.


So Animal Jam is pretty Springy. Let’s take a look at the decorations:

e1 Mira, looking cool

e2  Nice job, pillow room.

e3.png I love this fountain

e4 I actually have a place like this by my house.

e5 umm….

Anyway, let’s just talk about Spring for a minute.

I love spring. I love how all the Dogwood trees and flowers are blooming. And the sunny days, with butterflies and bees. I mean, it’s a time to be happy. Evn when it thunderstorms. Actually, we recently had a tornado. It was hailing, and lightning struck just inches away from our car.  lol

And the best part of spring?


I’m actually really excited for Easter. First of all, I saw this sweater I really like on clearance, and my mom said I might be able to get it for Easter, since it’s only $9. Plus, at my grandparent’s house, they always do this Easter egg hunt. Plus I get to help with Easter stuff. 🙂

Well that’s really all I can think of… Peace out!